Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jobs in Pods (podcast your jobs)

As announced today on Recruiting.com:

"Chris Russell who is no stranger to the recruiting blogosphere has been busy lately. While the blogosphere was busy debating whether or not it has any influence in the industry or not, Chris started a new business. It’s called Jobs in Pods.

Essentially, it is a service that allows hiring managers to record an audio interview about either the company or a particular position they are anxious to fill. It’s a good idea because for the most part, job postings are not all that exciting. The idea here is to add some life to it.

Once the interview is complete, Chris will submit it to a number of places potential job seekers can listen to it. You can also have it widgetized and place it on your website. And speaking of websites, Chris has a done a great job in setting up his and everything you need to know about Jobs in Pods is there."

I like what Chris is doing, and that's why I did a podcast with him (click HERE to listen).

But after listening to the entire podcast, I agree with Jason - nobody wants to hear that much of me. We'll get the next one down to 3 min's or less.

As the crusty ol' preacher learned from his days in the pulpit...."leave 'em wantin' more."

So why would an employer want to do this? Well, as Chris notes below, "Recruiting is Marketing."

And, as Anil Dash says so well, it helps me
"connect with the people I care about."
Nice job, Chris. I look forward to working with you and finding new ways to connect with those people that are important to me.


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