Friday, March 30, 2007

Mood Rings, Pet Rocks, Streakers .... Blogs?

With all due respect to David Manaster, I couldn't help but post this pic.

Jim Durbin emailed me today asking if I'd ever posted this picture (I recently sent him a copy).

Honestly, I can't remember whether I've ever posted it or not, but it's just too good to pass up.

In light of our pending blogger's panel at the ERExpo in San Diego next month, I thought I'd share this picture with all the folks out there who think blogging is just a fad.

You know, a mood rings, pet rocks, and, well, streakers.

If you share this "blogging is a fad" philosophy, I hope you'll join us in San Diego.

We'd love to get your perspective. And, we'd love to get your questions (in fact, questions in advance would be terrific).
Send your blogging questions to us (Grimm, Hamilton, Durbin, Smith) in advance; we'll compile all questions and address them at the Expo.

Email your questions to:
By the way, I hear that this is already the largest attendance for an ERExpo event on record. And with this many people under one roof, I wouldn't be surprised to see a recruiter bolt across the stage in his birthday suit, just as Dr. Sullivan is presenting the Recruiter of the Year Award.

Oh dang. You know what they say about the power of suggestion.

Sorry 'bout that, Doc.

Pretend I never said that, Levy.

*** UPDATE ***

Just saw Manaster's post about offering ERExpo attendees free wireless in San Diego. Nice job, David.

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