Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cheezhead the Magnificent

Cheezhead: Datester.
Ed McMahon: Datester?
(Cheezhead rips the envelope open and removes the card)
Cheezhead (reading): The name of the new company once IAC buys Facebook and throws Jobster in the mix for fun.

Yep, IAC owns Match.com, the world's biggest online dating and personals property. See, I told you Cheezhead had a sense of humor.
But I didn't realize he was so Carnacesque?

If you don't believe me? Check out his latest post: writing on wall for vertical job search engines?

Jobseeker Warning:
If you visit WirelessJobs.com because you are interested in a new job, don't follow the link. Although this is ridiculously interesting stuff, chances are you might not find it nearly as intriguing as some of my other posts.

If, however, you make your living in the recruiting industry, chances are you've already been to Carnac's Cheezhead's site. If not, beat a quick path - now. I hear that, in the fashion of the great, departed Carnac, he's placing curses on all recruiters who fail to post a job on his job board read his latest post.

Word on the street blog is that the curse is a hideous hex in the likes of,

"May a diseased yak squat in your hot tub."

For the sake of your hot tub, delay no longer.

Recruiting is marketing. Try jobcasting.

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