Thursday, March 01, 2007

20 College To-Do's to Prepare for Successful Career

Penelope Trunk, otherwise known as the Brazen Careerist, is a columnist at the Boston Globe and Yahoo! Finance.

In a 2006 post, she offers up 20 Tips for College Students that will help set them up for a great job once the tassel is moved.

Trunk's article still offers timely advice whether you are a current college student, or planning for your first semester this fall.

I can guarantee you won't agree with all 20 tips.

In fact, I have my own struggles with #6 (c'mon, SOMEBODY has to attend law school, right Rothberg?); #7 (just not reality for the majority of college students); and #17 (I didn't apply to Hahvard and I've got plenty of self-confidence).

But I dig #11 and #13.

Here's Trunk's top 20 tips:

1. Get out of the library
2. Start a business in your dorm room
3. Don't take on debt that is too limiting
4. Get involved on campus
5. Avoid grad school in the humanities
6. Skip the law-school track
7. Play a sport in college
8. Separate your expectations from those of your parents
9. Try new things that you're not good at
10. Define success for yourself
11. Make your job search a top priority
12. Take a course in happiness
13. Take an acting course
14. Learn to give a compliment
15. Use the career center
16. Develop a strong sense of selfby dissing colleges that reject you
17. Apply to Harvard as a transfer student
18. Get rid of your perfectionist streak
19. Work your way through college
20. Make to do lists

Check out the complete article HERE to get the details behind the list.

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