Friday, February 16, 2007

Zlango Snags Zillions, er, Millions (12 to be exact)

Nick (Mobilecrunch) brings us some Zlango fun today:

Benchmark Capital and Accel have invested $12 million in Israeli mobile startup Zlango.

Zlango is an icon-based mobile messaging service. Users send short texts typed in representational images instead of typing out the messages . It’s like a modern hieroglyphics. Users can also add images to the basic icons of the language, as Zlango has in their press release.

Zlango is a phone based application that has grown through close relationships with carriers, who see Zlango as a way to drive higher SMS usage or by a flat fee. Zlango is currently partnered with Pelephone in Israel, Orange & Cellcom in ESC, P4 in Poland, and bMobile in the Caribbean.

I think this is kinda fun and catchy - but you can call me crazy.

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