Monday, February 05, 2007

Wireless Factors ... are you connected?

I met Jay Deragon on LinkedIn and quickly found out that this guy is super-connected in the wireless space - so I knew I needed to hook up.
He introduced me to Wireless Factors and I really like what Jay and the rest of the Advisory Board members are putting together.

The mission of WF is to serve the "networking" needs of the global Wireless Communications Community, and their proprietary networking platform makes it easy for people and companies to connect.

According to Jay, WF got its kick-start twelve months ago by a group of industry professionals who wanted to create a platform that would help the industry and its suppliers improve biz dev and social networking relations.

Although much of the content will be subscription based in the future, for a short time period the content is free to all users.

My thought? Join now and check out the content while it's free - then decide for yourself.

If you join, please send me a "contact request."

I look forward to connecting with you on Wireless Factors.

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