Monday, February 12, 2007

The Top Five

Recently I posted a question about whether or not a Career Fair was an interview.
Then today, I'm cruising the website and I come across the Top Five things to take to a Career fair and guess what? I was right?

"Pretty Scary Huh?"

So, here they are, the Top Five!

Five Things to Take to a Career Fair
  • Copies of Your Resume (They say at least 34, I say depends on the size of the fair)
  • A smile, A strong handshake, and a positive attitude. (Duh...)
  • A 30 second sales pitch (told ya)
  • Information about the organizations that will be attending (told ya again)
  • Energy! (Yea, I get tired just watching people walk around those things)

Five Things Not To Do at a Career Fair

  • Don't cruise booths with a group of friends (it's not a social event)
  • Don't carry your backpack, large purse, or other paraphernalia with you (it's not a shopping event)
  • Don't come dressed for rugby practice (it's not a lounge)
  • Don't "wing it" with employers (you remember, the what are you guys here for question?)
  • Don't come during the last half hour of the event (Lot's of employers leave early, or get tired and cranky, they have been there all day giving out gifts to people in rugby shirts)

Five Things to Take Home from a Career Fair

  • Business cards from people you have met (told ya..........again)
  • Notes about contacts you have made (good idea, you will forget before you get home)
  • Information about organizations you have contacted (you know, the handouts)
  • A better sense of your career options (Think about which ones are really a good fit)
  • Self-Confidence in interacting with employer representatives (whether you know it or not, you just honed your interview skills)

So, with the Career Fair season heavy upon us, pick up the paper, search the Internet, and find out where the next big career fair is.

You are now prepared to do battle in the employment shopping mall we call career fairs.

Good Luck!


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