Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Slow Blogging Week ... I'm hangin' with my team

This is a slow blogging week, and for good reason: I'm hanging out with the best recruiters known to man (and woman). Yep, that would be Jen, Jodi, Sherri, Carrie, and Kristen, who all support T-Mobile USA's Engineering organization.

We're meeting with our HR colleagues in Frisco to talk recruiting strategy and brainstorm ideas on what we can do to raise the bar. Why? Because we want to keep moving the bar - evolving in our approach to be the best HR/Talent Acquisition Engineering team on the planet.

So, team first - blog second.

But we've had our share of fun too (Sambuca and Cirque de Soliel - Corteo). If you haven't seen Corteo, holy cow...incredible. Take your team - you won't be disappointed.

Ok, nuf blogging. The early mornings and late nights have kept me away from the latest wireless news and I'm desperate for my fix.


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