Friday, February 02, 2007

Need a Faux Number? Try MobileFaker

I've been traveling this week and had to go cold-turkey on the blog.

I realize how truly addicted I am to my daily "wireless news fix" when I have to go six days without blogging (I know, I know, I need therapy).

Since I'm playing catch-up on what's-going-on-in-the-world-of-wireless, I'm just now linking to Mobilecrunch's post from Jan. 24th called, Sprint Launches MobileFaker by Moderati.

Honestly, this is pretty cool. It doesn't necessarily apply to me, as I'm rarely in need of a faux number to ditch an unsuspecting goon. However, it's easy to see the practical application.

Check out MobileFaker

Job Central provides an article on Minnesota nursings jobs on its Web site.

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