Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Job-Change Checklist

We spend a lot of time talking about "finding" a new job (cuz that's the fun part).

Rarely do we talk about "leaving" your current job, even though they do go hand-in-hand. I guess because of the negative connotation of "leaving."

So when Sherri Howe forwarded me this article, Ten Ways to Know It's Time to Go (by Caroline Levchuck), I read it and chuckled. Why? Because I've been in a job where I was was hitting on at least 5 of the 10, and at that point, it's hard to find humor in anything.

Here's Caroline's top 5:

  1. You start to dread Monday as soon as you leave work on Friday.
  2. It becomes more and more difficult to get up for work each day, and tardiness becomes a way of life.
  3. You cannot muster enthusiasm for anything related to work - other than your paycheck.
  4. You spend most of your time complaining to colleagues or about your colleagues (say what?). ; )
  5. You act defensive and even hostile in company meetings when there's little cause for defensiveness.
Have you pegged yourself yet? If not, you can read Caroline's final 5 HERE.

If you find it unnecessary and know that your time has come, just send me an email and let's talk about your new gig.

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