Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Owen Bloggers

Cool stuff.

A group of MBA students have collaborated to implement a blog providing prospective students a peek in to the lives and thoughts of students currently in the MBA program.

And this certainly proves to be an interesting conglomeration of bloggers:

Sam the Science Geek,
Sharran (founder and CEO of OwenBloggers.com),
Issac the Married
Justin the Contemplator,
Asif the Wanderer
Jose (en Espanol)
Nat the Fly Fishing Guide
Matt the Vegas Man (yep, I saw your pic's Matt)
The Hweester
Andre the Giant
Kat the Penn
Edmundo the Gamer
Susan's Constant Contemplation
Colorado Tyler
Medieval Isha,
Merry Merry Quite Productive
and finally.....Tony Banks

I dig the blog, Owen Bloggers, and I applaud you for getting involved in the blogging community and paying it forward to those who might follow in your footsteps.

I'd enjoy connecting with each of you one day and get your perspective on this blogging experience (ahem, you know, when you aren't in Vegas....Mr. Matt :)

And, finally, just to see if you are paying attention, the first Owen Blogger to send me an email receives an offer for the job of his/her choice; a one-year lease on a Beemer; and a comp package to include $150k base with a 35% annual bonus (paid out quarterly).

Yeah, I've never been too good at lying, but that's my attempt to weave a lil' humor in to the post.

Hat is tipped to the Owen Bloggers.

Carpe Blogem,

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile USA

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