Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Need Job - Luv Mobile VoIP: Say, Truphone

The trials and tribulations of the competitive voice service provides such as Vonage, have forced venture investors to look at startups that marry VoIP to mobile phones.

You might have heard of names like Jajah, iSkoot, Mobiboo and Fring, with some of them getting big cash infusions from the likes of Sequoia Capital and Khosla Ventures.

Add Truphone to this list. The UK-based mobile VoIP startup just raked in over $24 million in Series A funding. Maybe there will be a few jobs to go with all that money.

As part of their recent launch, truphone is offering free calls to 1.6 Billion landlines until March.

That's awesome, but what's a landline? :)

By the way, here's a link to their blog.

Source: Everybody's fave, GigaOM

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