Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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Views from those "who know" are worth the read: (from

Obviously the big story of the day is still the iPhone. In addition to Russell’s thoughts and my own, plenty of folks are weighing in. Interestingly, there seems to be a trend developing — picking out plenty of flaws, but ending with “I still want one.”

  • Mike Rowehl: “The mobile gardens have been tending toward unwalling, and unfortunately this sounds a bit like a move in the other direction. I hope I’m wrong. Really hope I’m wrong. Cause I know I’m going to have to get one of these things either way.”
  • Kelly Goto: “I feel Apple’s unique and stunning UI along with smart features such as the portrait to landscape switch and the proximity sensor to turn ‘off’ touch screen sensitivity when the device is held close to one’s face will win over the crowd. But with the higher price point ($499 for the 4 GB and $599 for the 8 GB) it’s definitely got to deliver.”
  • Tom Hume: “I’m with Ive: it’s “not too shabby” and all that, and my now-Pavlovian responses to any product Apple releases are telling me I want one, but I don’t see this as meaningfully impacting on the mass market (other than giving a slight kicking to other handset vendors). As such it’s more of a decent PDA than a phone, in my book.”
  • Raddedas at Techype: “Apple have created a niche product here with amazing appeal - to the niche. At the risk of upsetting the Silicon Valley types racing round on their Segways between hip coffee houses to brainstorm about how this will change everything (using free metropolitan WiFi and their suddenly not-so-cool Palm Treos to take notes), what the iPhone won’t do is change the world.”
  • Ewan MacLeod: “All I need to say is look at the N95, the pinnacle of Nokia’s engineering prowess. Stick it next to the iPhone. It just doesn’t compare. Symbian and the N95 just isn’t in the same stratosphere.”
  • Matt Croydon: “There are a few things that excite me about the newly announced iPhone (and a few details that I’m unclear on). One thing I’m pretty sure of is that the coming of the iPhone is the tipping point for a new kind of mobile web.”
top-secret-super-duper-source: MobHappy (CarloLongino)

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