Saturday, January 20, 2007

Is Your Job Killing You? Get the visual here!

Courtesy of CareerBuilder's AGE-O-MATIC, you can upload a current picture of yourself and find out what your job is doing to you!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a current color pic on my hard drive. So, I had to pick somebody who was occupying space on my computer.

So, Dave Lefkow, I'm not really sure why I had a picture of you on my computer, but since I did, you are the lucky guy!

Actually, the pic I uploaded was a current photo. But then I answered a few questions and they determined the results of the final photo.


Here's the link that will take you to the CareerBuilder site: DAVE

Click it and you can hear Dave in action as he admonishes his colleagues to do whatever it takes to get a job they love.

Dave - if it helps at all....this guy looks nothin' like ya.

Here's to finding jobs that you love (like me 'n Dave).


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