Monday, January 22, 2007

AT&T: Free Mobile to Landline Calls.....whoop de doo

NetworkWorld reports,

"Following on the heels of their mobile video announcement, Cingular and AT&T last week announced that the Cingular Wireless brand would take the AT&T name. But what we believe was the more important announcement last week is of a new offer for unlimited free calling between wireless and wireline phone numbers."

This story is all over the stinkin' Internet.

And I just have to ask...."is it really that big of a deal....really?"

C'mon, they've had the capacity to do this for years. But they finally decide to unfurl this "awesome" solution just because AT&T purchased another company and bequeathed upon them the blessing of the AT&T name?

Go figure. Well, at a time when many of us are giving up our landlines (and the checks we've been sending to AT&T for the last 30+ years), I'm so impressed that we're being told we can have free mobile to landline calls.

There's a phrase we used in Junior High....let's see, it went something like this:

Whoop De Doo.



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