Friday, January 12, 2007

10 Best New IT Outsourcing Hubs

Companies are moving IT jobs to a widening web of overseas cities — many of them far from Bangalore

Becoming the next Bangalore will mean money in the bank.

Since 2000, the tendency to move key operations outside a home country has added more than 1 million IT jobs to India and an additional 3 million jobs in local services and infrastructure, according to India's IT trade association, NASSCOM.

As labor costs and turnover rates rise in India, companies are starting to send work to other parts of the globe.

Here are 10 cities that are emerging as new outsourcing centers:

1.Buenos Aires, Argentina (Open-source technologies)
2.Bucharest, Romania (Security Systems)
3.Dalian, China (Applications Development)
4. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Low-to-Medium Applications Maintenance)
5. Mexico City (Custom Application Dev)
6. Moscow (Hi-end s/w R&D)
7. Prague Czech Republic (IT Systems Mgnt Services)
8. St. Petersburg, Russia (Hi-end s/w R&D)
9. Santiago, Chile (IT Infra Services)
10. Sao Paulo, Brazil (Enterprise Resource Systems)

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