Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Who Do You Work For?

So, I was sitting at the dinner table last night minding my own business and my 15 year old hands me a paper he had written for his Freshman English class.

He says, "Here Dad, want to read the paper I wrote?"
Not a normal occurrence unless it's already been graded and happens to be an "A".

So I start to read this paper and find out it's about me.
Yea, here we go, my chest starts to stick out, here comes the proud Dad smile, I know he's gonna say something really cool about me....................

Okay, so 15 year olds have a little different view of old Dad then they did when they were 8. He used to think I could leap over tall buildings in a single bound, or change a tire with one hand tied behind my he wonders if after the evening news it's too late for a game of cards.

"Come here and let old Dad show you how to play 52 pick up"

So I got to thinking, what kind of impression do I make on him everyday and what does he think about my job and what I do. Does it really matter what I do as long as I provide for my family and take care of them?

Right about now Dennis is wondering why he ever gave me permission to contribute to this Blog.............

Well, here goes Dennis. The other day in your post you said, "What would you do if you were brave"?

Well, let's put a little different spin on it.

So you can't do what you would do if you could do what you do if you were brave!

My grammar teacher just had a heart attack

"What would you do if you were satisfied?"

Do you at least have a job where you wake up every day and enjoy going there?
Do you enjoy the people you work with?
Do you like telling people what it is you do?
Do you have a work life balance?
I can answer a resounding yes to all of those questions!
Not only do I work for, and with, great people. I also work for a great company.
It took me a lot of years to find this job and I found it by networking.
It wasn't posted on any websites or advertised in any newspapers.
Yeah, there is a long, long line for my job..........
I also spent a lot of time researching and talking to the people here before I realized this was the place for me.
So, do your research. Make sure about not only the company you are going to work for, but also the people around you. Ask alot of questions!
My point is.................

Good grief, he finally has a point"

Everyone has a "Dream Job", but you can also have a "Job Dream."

Oh yea, as for the paper, the 15 year old still thinks old Dad is pretty neat.

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