Thursday, December 14, 2006

What you may not know about me....

The incomparable Gautam Ghosh has lovingly tagged me with coughing up 5 things that people generally do not know about me. You know, the dreaded meme thing.

Thanks Gautam - I am convinced that the blogging world has been dying to know more about me (cough, cough!).

Well, here goes the kimono:

1. I am an avid NASCAR fan. And, for those unaware, there is such a thing as a NASCAR Fantasy League. To all those who are now wrinkling their foreheads, I will only say this: don't knock it until you've been to one of the races and watched 43 cars coming out of turn 4 at 190 mph.

2. I am a wireless-news-junkie and have to start my day in my bloglines and google reader accounts.

Here's a few of my faves:, mobile tech today, the wireless report, gizmodo, engadget, yahoo wireless news, GigaOM, Mobilecrunch, techdirt wireless, unstrung, and boy genius report.

Some of my faves that are not wireless related: converstations, church of the customer, creating passionate users, hello my name is blog, seth godin's blog and the jobster blog (because Jason's the most transparent ceo in the world, and jobster's on a march to take over the world).

3. I spent my formative years in the great state of Oklahoma (I know what you are thinking... "That explains everything..."). Well, no, but that's probably why I am a huge fan of College Football (c'mon Fiesta Bowl); know a good Pecan Pie when I see one; and wave at people as I drive to and from work.

4. My undergrad is in Public Affairs. Yep, I wanted to change the world from inside the walls of the public sector. Not being able to get a job sort of put a damper on that. But while I do not get the privilege of writing public policy, I now have the opportunity to influence those policies from a different perspective…and so I do.

5. I have five children under the age of 13 years. And although my son and I are greatly outnumbered against the five females that live under the same roof, we can hold our own when the spontaneous, after-dinner “tickle-fight” breaks out.

Now, the really difficult part….who to tag next?

Rosie? Levy? HR Guy? Sidhartha? Regina?

The ball (meme) is in your court.

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting

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