Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year's Resolution 2007: Grow Some Ears

Here's a few interesting New Year's Resolutions for 2007:

VC wants to remove Microsoft from his life in '07

Candice Cain has 10 New Year's suggestions for Tom Cruise

I think Harry resolves to have at least one more youngan

Kick Gambling Habit?

I don't make it a habit of announcing my New Year's Resolutions. It's much easier than having to explain how being caffeine-free means that I now drink an entire pot of coffee each morning.

Anyway, here's one that I've decided to make official, and I got the idea from Scott's post, titled:

Grow Bigger Ears.

Here's the premise:

  1. Listening is not waiting to talk.
  2. You have one mouth and two ears. Listen and talk accordingly.
  3. “You can’t learn if you’re speaking.” --Alan Weiss
  4. A great way to show someone you’re listening is to say, “Wait, I don’t know what that means.”
So there you have it. Sounds easy, eh? (no pun intended).

Happy New Year!

Dennis (big ears) Smith

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