Thursday, November 16, 2006

So Hot, Even Grey's Anatomy Can Wait: Engineering Manager, Network Operations (Wayne, NJ)

Calling all Engineering Managers in NJ (what the heck, anywhere).

We're looking for Engineering Manager candidates familiar with Ericsson 501 & 810 BSC's. Actually, that's just the technical skill. We're really looking for somebody who puts the customer first and is accustomed to having their big ideas and hard work rewarded.

If that's you, we need to talk.

You can check out the technical spec's of the job via this link.

You can get past the firewall and talk to the recruiter by sending an
email HERE.
C'mon, what are you waitin' for? We've got customers to please and products to launch.

Just Tivo Grey's Anatomy and watch it tomorrow morning (get up extra early).

I'll leave the light (email) on for you,

T-Mobile Recruiting

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