Tuesday, November 28, 2006

On Grande' Latte's and Blackberry's

Source: BusinessWeek.com (Upward Mobility)

While this is old hat for those living in South Korea and Japan, it's bound to be a no-brainer for the rest of us - especially the "thumb generation" (the twenty and thirty-somethings who grew up with game controllers and cell phones glued to their hands).

Those who know say the next big battleground could be your back pocket.

Studies show that people notice their cell phone is missing within an hour of losing it, compared with a day or more for credit cards and wallets. Such insights helped persuade Mastercard, Visa, and American Express that phones are central to people's lives and actually could start to replace wallets.

So it took this long for the Big Three to realize cell phones are central to people's lives?

All I want to know, is, when will I get to start paying for my Latte's with my Blackberry?


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