Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Microsoft's Loss is the Recruiting Community's Gain

Yep, it's official. As noted yesterday in SixDegreesfromDave, Shally is Unleashed!

Great read - you need to check it out to see what Shally has up his sourcing-sleeve. If you are thinkin' it has something to do with, well, you just might be related to Sherlock.

But I'm not stealing any thunder. Run over to Mr. Davey's Neighborhood and get it straight from Samauri Steckerl.

Better yet, use your cybersleuthing skills to find and decode Shally's email and phone number hidden somewhere in this post (if you choose to accept this mission, this post will self-destruct in 15 seconds).

Then, contact him's a phone call you won't regret.



(678) 388-9208

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