Saturday, October 21, 2006

You Can Pick Your Friends, and You Can Pick Your Jobs...

...but you can't pick your friend's job.

Yeah, that's my version of a lil' one-liner that usually includes the word "nose."

So let's go back to that thing you can pick without offending the person in the car next to you:

Your JOB
So, if you are in the pickin' mood, check out a few of our jobs at T-Mobile:

Engineering - Director, Regional Program Management Parsippany, NJ

Human Resources - Sr. Manager, Compensation Bellevue, WA

Information Technology, Network Engineer, Datacom Atlanta, GA

Learning and Development, Regional Development Trainer, Orlando, Fl

Product Development, Director, Social Networks and Content, Bellevue, WA

Legal, Director, Corporate Investigations, Bellevue, WA

Accounting/Finance/Tax, Director, Retail Finance, Bellevue, WA

Sales, Manager, National Accounts, Houston, TX

If none of these suit your fancy, just keep browsing. There's plenty of jobs to go around.

And, pickin' your next job is a lot more fun than picking your, well, uh, your friend's job.

T-Mobile USA

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