Monday, October 09, 2006

Wireless Future Looks Strong

Source: Orlando Sentinel

There's one way in which small businesses are no different than their corporate counterparts: They want their employees wired for work anytime, anywhere.

And they're going wireless as a result, a new study by an information-technology trade group has found.A survey of planned technology spending among small and medium-sized businesses found that upgrading laptops and installing wireless networks were the top priorities for the next 12 months.

Replacing or upgrading phone systems came in third, according to the study commissioned by the Computing Technology Industry Association.

For smaller companies -- those with fewer than 100 employees -- laptop upgrades were also the No. 1 priority, but phone-system upgrades came in at No. 2, ahead of wireless Local Area Networks, the survey found.

The report shows that business owners want to be able to find people when they need them, and need help managing multiple sources of communications, said John Venator, president and chief executive officer of CompTIA." Their spending priorities center on solutions that will make their employees more productive and mobile," he said.

The survey looked at 350 small and medium-sized businesses across North America, and covered a variety of industries.

More information on the study is available HERE.

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