Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Recruiting Rock-Stars "Tour of the Bloguverse" Kicks Off October 18th

Put in your T-Shirt order now.

Recruiting Bloggers.com starts it's first jam session tomorrow, and this line-up has more stars than the '94 Cowboys.

Since I received the official notice from the Eskimo-Man himself (Recruiting Animal), I'll kindly refer to this motley group of enviable bloggers as ... The Frozen Chosen.

As they break camp and begin their ascent up Mount Recruitimanjaro, we are sure to be:

Challenged (Ami)
"Seery"ously amazed (Julian/Shannon)
Hunted by gorillas guerrilla's (Perry)
Tracked down by the Call Girl (Mo)
Promoted (as in job-promotion) by YourHRGuy
Wined/Dined by a King (King Colin, that is)
Entertained (Animal); and
Instructed/Educated by the Dynamic Duo (Shally 'n Glenn).

Get your lighters ready. This could be the first concert you've attended in years that you might actually remember.

Rock on, RecruitingBloggers.


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