Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Instant Video Messaging ... Veeker

MobileCrunch brings us an exclusive on Veeker, noting that Veeker has the potential to radically alter the way we use the video functionality of our camera phones as well as change the way we communicate.

The most basic use case is to shoot 60 seconds of video from your mobile phone and upload this video to Veeker in the form of an MMS.

Veeker’s tricks are where things start to get exciting. Each time you upload video to Veeker you are creating what they call a “Veek” which is short for Video Peek - which is of course, what these short videos really are. Your collection of Veeks is a “VeekFeed” and like RSS Feeds you can subscribe to other’s feeds and see in near real-time what they’re up to when they choose to upload video to their feeds.

Check out the entire story on MobileCrunch.

While you are at it, sneak a peeker at the Veeker.

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