Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm Only Talking to You Because I Forgot to Bring My Laptop

Drumroll please............ new findings reveal that those who stay connected to work around the clock can hurt their well-being and their family lives (full read at

Ya, think?

So there's all this talk going on about the "wireless leash syndrome."

And here's what the research has determined:

Accidents, anxiety, fistfights and wrecked marriages are being blamed on excessive cell phone and PDA use.
Dr. Ken Siegel, president of Impact Group, a team of psychologists who consult on business management, says,

Companies should develop clear policies to protect staffers' mental health.
Wow. I thought most companies already had a cellphone policy...

"Here's your cellphone. We're paying for it so you are expected to answer it 24 x 7."

Korn Ferry International, (KFY) an executive search and talent management firm, released the findings in August. More than 1,700 executives from 75 countries were surveyed.

According to the report, 38% of those polled believe they're spending too much time on their cell phones, laptop computers, PDAs and pagers.

In addition, 27% more say they don't think they have a problem, "but others may disagree."

In other words, nearly two-thirds of executives admit to having some kind of problem with themselves or others.

Well, you gotta love the data. It tells us what we already know, but I guess it's good to know that

"I have a problem and I'm not alone."

Would love to write about this more, but an email just came through my BlackBerry.

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