Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gizmodo's Take on T-Mobile's UMTS Launch

Here's Gizmodo's take on the T-Mobile UMTS launch:

Sometimes, peer pressure is good. One case: cellular data. While Sprint, Verizon, and even Cingular are already playing around with 3G speeds, T-Mobile, was stuck rocking the square EDGE/GPRS data connections that run at a little more than 100+Kbps. Until today. TMo just announced that they're finally going 3G, starting in Q4 of 2006. Gizmodo friend Nicole Lee of CNet notes, that this may be too little too late as Cingular's HSDPA network is technically 3.5G, and already in some areas.

I use T-Mobile, and say this can't happen fast enough. I'd say that they'd better start thinking about something even faster very soon, though. –Brian Lam

Can you say "UMTS Engineers" apply here?


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