Monday, October 09, 2006

GigaOM says T-Mo not Giving BlackBerry Love

Here's what Om says today about the T-Mo / BlackBerry issue:

Now that T-Mobile has more spectrum, they should seriously work on improving the quality of their data network, especially if they want to attract business users. My good buddy Andy writes about his nightmares with Blackberry service on T-Mobile, and is throwing up his hands in frustration.

I can understand how he feels - I had recently signed up for T-Mobile Blackberry service, which worked just fine in New York, but back in the Bay Area, the emails just don’t show up because there is no data coverage in large parts of the region.

It is not the fault of Blackberry because when we checked with T-Mobile store employees, they expressed their frustration about the lack of good data coverage. (I love the fact that RIM email always works.) However pretty Blackberry Pearl might be, if there is no data coverage, then it is pretty useless.

In frustration, I turned that BB connection to a voice line, and am using Cingular as a data carrier. I am currently using Nokia E61. When I travel to NY (which will be often) I am going to turn on BB…

C'mon, T-Mo - we need some Blackberry love.

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