Thursday, October 12, 2006

Best Way to Lose Your Job

.... play it safe - avoid risks (via Heather, via Seth).

Seth provides Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding "layoffs," and compares the numbers to the tiny number of people who get fired for attempting to do something great:

50 ad agencies lose accounts for being boring, static and unprofitable for every one that gets fired for being remarkable.
50 churchgoers switch to a new congregation because of a boring or uncaring leader for every one that leaves because she was offended by a new way of
50 employees lose their jobs because the business just faded away for every one who is singled out and fired for violating a silly policy and taking care of a customer first.
50 readers stop visiting your blog (or your site or your magazine or your TV show) because you're stuck in a rut and scared for every one who leaves because you have the guts to change the format or challenge the conventional wisdom.

So, are you busying yourself with greatness?

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