Monday, September 11, 2006

Going Mobile Against T-Mobile

Jackie put up a post a while back called "Going Mobile Against T-Mobile." I was traveling that week and couldn't respond immediately, but was pleased to find that Jim Durbin had my back.

It's a bummer when a customer gets so upset that they'll go to such lengths to spread the "bad news." But that's life business as we know it and any company that wants to sell a product or service today must also be willing to belly up to the table and try to do better by the customer.

I don't know the specifics around this incident, so I can't comment directly. However, I can relate to a bad customer experience (can't we all?!). I had a bad experience buying a used car about 2 years ago, and in every presentation I give about blogging, I never fail to mention the Saturn dealership in Lewisville, TX that lost me as a return customer. I'm still blogging about 'em ... 2 - years - later.

As mentioned before in this blog, Engadget posted last June about customer care rankings among the wireless carriers (see post HERE). They rightly noted that every wireless carrier has someone who hates its guts. That's what happens in a $120 billion industry with a customer base that's using approximately 218 million cell phones. Somebody will always be wearing the "You Suck!" t-shirt.

T-Mobile isn't perfect, and one doesn't have to read Jackie's post to figure that out. But in an industry that's known for not having good customer service, I'm still glad to be a part of the company that's sitting on top of the heap with regard to customer service.

Now, T-Mo, let's see if we can do even better.

The customer deserves it.

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting

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