Thursday, August 24, 2006

So long, farewell, Kareer Bilder Blog

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night - I hate to go and leave this
pretty site...

Seeing how I've watched the Sound of Music several hundred times with my children, I thought this was a fitting verse to hum in light of our recent name change.

Yep, we're bidding adieu to Career Builders Blog. Not by choice, necessarily, but it's a lil' legal matter that I shouldn't really talk about :) Don't get me wrong - we're not going anywhere. It's just a lil' change in the domain name.

But this isn't all bad news, mind you. I've received a few suggestions recently as to what the new name should be. El Dave cast his vote for Talent Bloggers. I like Talent Bloggers also, but it drove too many people to the site who were looking for modeling jobs. It segues well with our Talent Acquisition team at T-Mobile, but it was too confusing for many of the googlers.

I got a bit of advice from the blogging mentor himself, Jason Davis, and we've settled on the new name:

I like the simplicity and it really describes what we T-Mobile Recruiting Bloggers are all about: wireless jobs.

So, adieu, Kareer Bilder Blog ~ we've had some fun.

But it's about to get better.

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting

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