Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shrapnel Wounds

This post is part of the Recruiting.com Blogswap from week #5. Our guest author this week is Amitai Givertz from Recruitomatic Blog

Amitai is a change activist and business coach working in the recruitment solutions and talent management related fields. A prolific blogger, you'd never know that Amitai has only been blogging since June 2006. I personally describe Recruitomatic as a "deeep" blog. You can't read it without be challenged to think. Which is good stuff for this Okie boy.

Shrapnel Wounds
In the war for hearts, minds, souls and talent there are many weapons, many media. At our disposal, most everything from bunker-busting job boards to the improvised roadside bombs favored by freedom fighters, insurgents, ingenious mad men and mothers of courage. The recruiter-bloggers – not to be confused with recruiters who blog – the Jim Strouds, Recruiting Animals , and Dennis Smiths of this world have so cleverly mastered the use of batteries and fertilizer and cell-phone detonation; brainy-scientists like Shally “Shallywag” Steckerl make cozy-fitting vests to be donned by unwary recruiters sent off into the crowded marketplaces of innocent, passive candidates; and the planners – Cheezhead , Wilson, Specht – ruthless as they find soft spots in the underbelly of our technically advanced enemy.

And where would we be without the ideologists: the geniuses, the propagandists, the intellectuals and the defenders of our movement? Who would lead us?

A tired metaphor perhaps, but the war for talent is a war nonetheless, and ours in the Recruitosphere, urban and modern, is complete with its operatives and conscientious objectors and imbedded reporters. We even have our own home-grown version of Al Jazeera. Creepy, isn’t it?

At the heart of all this – blogging: the weapon of our time, our weapon of choice.

In some God-forsaken wasteland, in some hellishly hot and inhospitable wilderness, there is another community of bloggers, fighting an altogether different war. They too have their equivalents – their Strouds, Animals, Smiths, Steckerls and all. One day, we will be casting aside our prejudices about you-are-what-you-blog and realize that behind every blogger lies a potential hire, a human being. We need to look beyond our own feeds and favorites and start to understand this medium in its entirety if we are to properly use it to recruit effectively, market competitively.

This week Tod Hilton posted What Side of the Fishbowl on my rather plain blog. Tod Hilton is not a blogger I would normally read, but then again nor is Mark Kraft either. Neither gentleman is remotely connected to our daily recruiting battles, but both represent the types of blogger we need to be connected with if we are to truly to look through the distortions of our fishbowl and blog for hires.

Tod Hilton works for Microsoft as software developer. Mark Kraft died in the service of his country. He died for me.

This post is a salute to our military bloggers, today’s heroes, tomorrow’s hires. Blog on, blog on.

© Copyright 2006 Amitai Givertz

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