Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Job Seekers: Own Your Brand!

I blog often about the importance of personal brand and how job seekers need to "Master the Art of You!"

I came across a blog today (actually, I was fortunate to get a comment on my site from this blog's author) called Own Your Brand. Being a "brand" guy (or at least understanding its importance), I couldn't help but take some time to peruse the site. Nice.

Mike Wagner is the founder and president of White Rabbit Group, a company that helps business leaders re-imagine their brands and creatively practice enterprise-wide brand ownership. I really like what Mike has to say about branding, and it serves as a great reminder that "branding" isn't just for companies (can I get an amen, Job Seekers?).

I especially liked a recent post from Mike's blog called: Difference - Be Smart About It.

Mike tells a good story and then provides some takeaways at the end:

Be different without losing your commensense.

Be different, but execute.

Be different for the long haul.

Look hard enough, job seeker, and you'll find some practical tips that relate to job search. At a minimum, you'll be one step closer to "owning your brand."

Dennis Smith

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