Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Job-Seeker....are you "That Guy?"

Our favorite guy with the nametag (Scott Ginsberg) is giving away 9 free chapters from his new book - How To Be That Guy. I just finished the first chapter .... good stuff. But who needs my endorsement when you've got Gitomer saying, "...grab Scott's book and DEVOUR it now!"

Here's Scott's definition of "That Guy:"

that•guy [adj.]
1. A businessperson, entrepreneur or service provider whose visibility, credibility, uniqueness, authenticity, memorability and approachability fuse together to form something so incredibly valuable, so incredibly cool, that customers are not only magnetized to that person, but will actively tell all their friends about that person.
2. see also successful, magnetic, unforgettable
Scott reminds us that it's not about gender:

"That Guy is an individual, not an actual “guy.” That Guy is someone whose unique personality, values and lifestyle consistently pervade everything he does, thinks and says. In other words: somebody who reminds everybody of nobody else."

The art of interviewing requires that we know ourselves well and possess the ability to articulate those ideas well. Scott offers up 22 fill-in-the-blank statements that will help you kick-start that exercise. I'm going to list seven of them for you:

  1. Everytime I _____, it makes people stop, listen, and say WOW!
  2. People always remember me for _____.
  3. I'm the first and only person to _____.
  4. I'm probably the only person you'll ever meet who will _____.
  5. If you looked up the word _____ in the dictionary, you'd see me.
  6. If you googled the word _____, the first 10 pages would be my website.
  7. There is nobody walking the planet who could share the message about _____ better than me.

Looking for a job? Ok, tell me what word in the dictionary I need to look up to see YOU.

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