Monday, July 31, 2006

RF Engineer Jobs in Frisco, TX (via Jobster, SimplyHired, and Indeed)

Back in Dec. 05, I did a posting that compared the total number of job openings in Plano, TX for RF Engineers based on results from Jobster, SimplyHired, and Indeed.

I thought I'd revisit that subject but this time compare total RF Engineer jobs open in Frisco, TX, the site of T-Mobile's new Technology Campus.

I put a 15 mile limit on the search, and the results looked pretty different from the search performed in December 05. Check it out:

40 results for rf engineer in Frisco, TX

8 results for rf engineer - Frisco, TX

53 results for rf engineer - Frisco, TX

Here's the first 5 jobs found in the jobster search:

RF Test Engineer - Volt Services
RF Design Engineer - Technisource

Here's the first five from the SimplyHired search: (Where's Waldo T-Mo?)

Services Engineer - RF & optimizatin Ericsson Inc.
RF Engineer - Prithvi Information Solutions International LLC
Sr Systems Engineer II (APS) - ReqCode NCS103863
RF Optimization Engineer
RF Design Engineer - Wiquest Communications, Inc

Finally, first five results from the Indeed search?

RF Design Engineer - Technisource
RF Engineer 1 - T-Mobile (Hey, we finally get a lil' love!)
RF Test Engineer - Hudson
RF Optimization Engineer - PSI
RF Systems Engineer - Putney

Moral of this blogpost? It looks like RF Engineers aren't going to go unemployed in this part of the country any time soon. Other than that, all I know is that I need to talk to Joel and find out how we can generate some love for T-Mo.

Dennis Smith
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