Thursday, July 13, 2006

I became a better employee this week...

....I spent time with my family.

Nothing like a week at the beach with the family to clear one's head. I actually managed to make it a whole week without sending one email, crafting one blogpost, or managing one interview.

I was busy acting crazy with my children in the blue waters of Grayton Beach, FL, eating Smores, reading a book not related to work (can't help myself, I'm still an Okie at heart), making sandcastles, drinking coffee and talking with my wife in the early morning, and saying "yes," to the five greatest kids in the world.

We managed to pull off the 1600 mile roundtrip without losing too much of our sanity (at least as far as I know). Although, Katherine certainly had a much more difficult time than I, as she held down the fort in the back seat of the Suburban with the 2 and 5 year old. Yes, she is a saint.

I'm back in the saddle on Monday.

Till then, long live sunscreen!


*By the way, each of the Smith's put their best (right) foot forward for the picture above. It's painfully obvious that the day is fast approaching when Dad will no longer have the biggest pair of shoes in the closet.

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