Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hey, Jobster is the place for me (sung to the tune of Green Acres)

Heyyyy jobster is the place for me
JayGo's wallet vision fills me with glee
Reputation spreadin' out so far and wide
Take the domain, just give me that greenback slide

Canada is where I'd rather stay
I'm allergic to the smell of coffee all day
I just adore my web-browser's view
But I'm pitchin' my tent on Jobster Avenue.

...The blog.
...The fog.
...Me 'n my honey.
...Mo' Money!

We've got no strife
Recruiting's my life
Hey Jobster we are there!

All in jest, my friend. I think this is one cool marriage and look forward to seeing what Jason and Jason are cookin’ up.

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting


Anonymous said...

brilliantly done....

Dennis Smith said...

you are too kind, Mr. Oliver!