Friday, May 05, 2006

Spammy Thank You to, et al.

Muchas gracias to all the DFW Texas Recruiter's Network folks that didn't run screaming with their hair on fire! A reference to the fact that they actually stuck around at the meeting on Wednesday and listened to me get passionate about Blogging!

Just for fun, I thought I'd give them a lil' pub by posting their names and company website in the post. Here we go:

Wendy May - Proceed Technical Resources
Michelle Brady - Consulting Partners
Jaime Johnston - RightStaff, Inc.
Johna Rogers - Systemware
Juna Jones-Moore - JCPenney
Kimberly Kunz - Today's Financial Staffing
Greg Allen - MinisterSearch
Melissa Simonson - StraightSource
Susan Ghostley - Capstone, Inc
Leslie Mason - HumCap
Cindi Koehn - Hudson
Scott Smith - Hudson
Heather Gradke - RightStaff, Inc
Carrie Darney
Brandy Gaither - Yum!
Kristen Box - Capstone, Inc
Mitch Byers - MDI
Reginald Tucker - SoftCase Inc.
Carol Coker - Centex Homes
Jerry Glover
Paige Lackey - Everest
Christopher Brown - Q&A Recruiting
Michelle Crispin - Q&A Recruiting
Wayne Rampey - The InSource Group
Sandy Mello - Alcatel
Kathy Kelly - Alcatel
Stacy Moore - RightStaff, Inc
Jennifer Nixon - RightStaff, Inc
Beth Carden - Sentari
Christine Murchison - Today's Financial Staffing
Shawn Patterson - ACT1
Dorothy Beach - FutureStep
Vicki Biddy - Consulting Partners
Brandi Roa - Dallas Technology Group
Saira Piracha - BravoTech
Mendy Hist - RightStaff, Inc
Allen Sulgrove - Comsys
Daisy Harris - Texans Credit Union
Kristi Strickland - EFJohnson
John LaMonica - NEC
Tim Antioch - DFW Real Estate Group, Inc.
Gayle Nelson - Spherion
Brandy Blizzard - iStaff
Paul Flett and Sarah Lehman - PDS (thanks for helping me get the projector set up!)
Dawn Hight - DFW Real Estate Group, Inc.
David Lyons - MinisterSearch
W.B. McDonald - FutureStep
Shamsah Perez - Administaff
Liz Brown - Ericsson
Becky Franzen - FutureStep
Laura Rolandelli - McAfee
Ann Luna - iTrack Jobs, Inc (Thanks for your help, Ann!)
Randy Techman - genesis10
Elizabeth Daniel
Susan Tidwell - Techsys
Sandy Hancock
Farah Tabibi - Proceed Technical Resources
Wendy May - Proceed Technical Resources
Tereza Cohen - Ignite, Inc
Pia Curry - The Hiring Assistant
Paul Rector - NewData Strategies (Paul, did you used to work at Imprimis?)
Jim M. Everett, CMP - Everett Associates
Morgan Isch - Kelly IT Resources
M. Powell - Kelly IT Resources

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting

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Anonymous said...

So are you going to share highlights of those blogging insights from your presentation with your recruiting readers?

-- Glenn Gutmacher