Tuesday, May 02, 2006

MommyBlogger Has Mercy On Blogging Newbies

Just a quick bit of gratitude to the "Mommy with an Attitude" ~ Java Jenn (otherwise known as the shameless "MommyNeedsCoffee" MommyBlogger).

The elderstatesman (or stateswoman) of MommyBlogging had mercy on the TalentBloggers request (4 Things Meme) and did a 4 Things Shout-Out for us.

We thank you, Madame Coffee and wish you mucho success in your new gig as Chief 'Tween Blogger at ClubMom.

Now that you are big-time and pullin' in the cash for blogging, don't forget the lil' guys out here, eh?

By the way, I couldn't resist posting a picture of the new Coffee Tower in your honor. It looks great in your backyard :)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I will NEVER forget the little people. I promise I will let you buy me coffee anytime you want to! ;-)

Thanks for the kudos, my friend!