Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Job Seekers: Become a Bigger Whale

Loved Guy Kawasaki's quote from an article in the Belleville News Democrat. To explain how his blog has helped his Palo Alto, Calif.-based venture capital firm, Garage Technology Ventures, Kawasaki turned to a whale analogy.

"As a venture capitalist you have to be like a sperm whale," he began. "You have to take in thousands of gallons of water to strain it out and get some plankton to eat. That's what a (venture capitalist) does (sounds a little like what often goes on in recruiting, also).

"Now, because of my blog, I'm a bigger whale. Or my mouth is bigger. More companies contact me because of the blog."

Job seekers: what can you do to do to make yourself a bigger whale? What can help you cast your net a bit farther? What can you do to make yourself easier to find?

Blog? Hmmmm...it almost sounds too easy.

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting


Steven Rothberg said...

Great advice, Dennis. Candidates can find a number of free services through which they can blog, including Blogspot (used by this blog). But if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? In other words, if a candidate blogs but no one reads the blog, are the candidate's efforts worthwhile?

Six months ago we set about to help college students, recent graduates, and other entry-level candidates blog and make sure that their writings were read. We created the CollegeRecruiter.com Insights by Candidates Blog (see http://www.collegerecruiter.com/weblogs/ ) and now dozens of job seekers are blogging at our site and their words are being read.

Whether candidates blog at our site, at Blogspot, or somewhere else, they need to consider both the ease with which they can blog and also whether anyone will read what they've written.

Anonymous said...

OK, maybe I'm being a little anal retentive, but the sperm whale is a toothed whale and it hunts big creatures. The analogy only works if it's a whale that uses baleen to screen plankton out of the water.

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