Monday, April 10, 2006

Tami Czaja, Starwood's 5-Star Employee

I'm in catch-up mode after being out of the office all week. Travel can be a beating, but I need to make mention of one organization, and specifically, one person that made my home-away-from-home a bit easier.

Tami Czaja is the Starwood Preferred Guest Concierge at The Westin in Las Vegas, and I need to take the time to recognize her. Tami's commitment to excellence is second to none and if I were handing out honors this week to "4-Star" employees, Tami would receive an upgrade to 5-stars!

As a member of an organization (T-Mobile) that values excellence in customer service (and we have the JD Powers awards to prove it), I think I'm qualified to speak on this topic. I am very discriminating when it comes to passing out accolades regarding over-the-top customer service, mostly because this rare jewel is hard to find. The airline that took me round-trip from DFW to Las Vegas was left found wanting. The multiple taxi rides I endured during my trip left me feeling like part of the herd (of course, this is no surprise). I found good service at the AquaKnox, but nothing particularly extraordinary.

With Tami and The Westin, extraordinary seems to be part of their daily vocabulary. So now, I'm standing on top of my desk with a megaphone to my mouth and I'm screaming,

"Great job Tami Czaja!
You have made me a customer for life!"

Here's to the executives at The Westin Casuarina in Las Vegas; I hope you recognize the rare jewel, named Tami Czaja, who is daily reflecting the kind of "customer service excellence" that breeds customer loyalty. You are lucky to have Tami on your staff - she differentiates you from your competitors. This commitment to customer-excellence is why I've already booked my return trip at your hotel when I attend the Kennedy Recruiting Conference next month.

See you then,

Dennis Smith



Anonymous said...

While it is great to hear that someone out there is still providing exceptional customer service, you don't mention WHAT she did to garner such accolades... So others can learn from her example, what exactly did she do?

Anonymous said...

Wondering the same ...