Friday, April 28, 2006

Talent Bloggers - 4 Things Meme Update

Talent Bloggers 4 Things Meme Update:

We're having a bit 'o fun following the likes of the 4 Things Meme. I started it yesterday and sent it to:

Jim Durbin
The Recruiting Animal
Steve Levy
Jenn Satterwhite
Amanda Papp.

It's taken flight and made it's way to:

Jason Davis
Jeff Hunter
Yvonne Larose
James T Kirk (I love this one, Jay-Dee)
MN Headhunter
Anthony J. Meaney
Marketing Headhunter
Sara Ford
Jim Stroud
Dave Lefkow
Joel Cheesman
Brand Autopsy

I don't think I missed anybody.

So far, a few folks have taken up the 4 Things mantle:

Jason Davis
James T Kirk (jus' kidding)
Marketing Headhunter
Jim Durbin
The Recruiting Animal

It's not surprising that a few of my fave bloggers ended up on the list, even though they didn't receive the meme from me. I'm not expecting that many of these A-listers will play the 4 Things Meme, but heck, it would be kinda fun to hear from them, eh?

Jay-Dee, would you give this thing the once over and see if I did it right? I'm kind of slow, you know. Feel free to correct and repost on to make sure I included all the players.

For one last bit of Friday fun, I'm going to ping somebody I wished I had sent it to... my favorite name-tag guy. Here ya go, Scott - 4 Things Meme comin' at you.

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting

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