Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On Customer Service

I'm not a fan of the long blogpost. There's just so many blogs I want to read each day and if one gets too long-winded, even if they are one of my favorite blog authors, I just have to move on.

That's why I failed to provide intimate details on my April 10th post lauding Tami Czaja (Westin) for her superior customer service skills. Mark V. corrected me, and I do stand corrected. However, being 2 interviews and 1 conference call behind, I'm forced to again to keep it short.

Here's a few one-word examples that describes the kind of service that, according to the Sig Ortloff (Westin Las Vegas GM), typifies Tami's daily fare:


Wish I could go on with the long story about how Tami turned a "no room at the inn" situation into a "happy customer" scenario, but alas, time is short.

For more on Customer Service, check out Guy Kawasaki's post on The Art of Customer Service, which he posted on the same day as my 5-Star story. It's a good reminder of what we should expect, and what we should deliver.

Dennis Smith
Talent Acquisition Manager

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