Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Make the T-Mobile Career Man Do the Boogie ~

Need some feedback...we've put up our new T-Mobile Career Site. If you have a sec, would you mind checking it out and giving a bit of input?

Don't forget to make the T-Man dance. If you point your cursor at one of the key words (Genuine, Talented, etc.), he'll point at it. Point at the word "Visionary" and he gets a lil' jiggie - do it a few times real fast and play this song in the background....it will take you back to high school.

Once you've finished with the boogie, you can click anything you want.

Click here to check it out - T-Mobile Careers

Dennis Smith


Anonymous said...

That's a great new career site!! Honestly Dennis, I must look at a hundred company career sites every week (as a Jobster sales rep, I need to check what positions companies are hiring for) and this is one of the funnest ones I've seen yet. Interactive & it made me laugh =) Kudos. If I didn't love working at Jobster SO MUCH I'd think about making the move after than...

(But where's the link to join the T-Mobile Talent Network?)

Dennis Smith said...

Oliver! Thanks for the input. I like it too.

The link was doing crazy things to the blog - I think it messed up when I had two jobster links going at once.

JGo just sent me a new link and it's going back up ...maybe tonight after the rugrats are in bed!

Thanks again - Dennis