Friday, April 14, 2006

Job interview? Shake it up, baby!

Can you tell it's Friday? I'm going out with a bang. Or, rather, a handshake.

Have you ever concluded an interview only to stick out your paw and have your fingers squeezed together by the other person? Your standing there thinking, "Can't I have a do-over?!"

I'm not here to tell you that the handshake will make or break the interview, but if I had my choice, I'd rather go out with a bangofahandshake.

Don't take this for granted. It's something I'm aware of because I consider every aspect of the interview once the candidate has left my office:

Professional? Yes.
Thoughtful answers? Pretty much.
Analytical? Hmmmm.
Prepared? Yes.
Strong academics? Not bad.
Weird handshake? Definitely.

Nobody intentionally shakes my hand hoping that my mind screams, "WEAK!" But, hey, it happens.

Therefore, since we're talking about interviews, let's just make sure we've got all the bases covered?
  1. Shoes shined? Yep.
  2. Tie straight? Sort of.
  3. Fly zipped? Check.
  4. Handshake? Go for the thumb.

HT to Scott Ginsberg for pointing me in the direction of Kevin Eikenberry's:

Secrets of a Great Handshake

No funky, get-down, boogie-style handshakes here. Just the skinny on how do to make sure you do it right the first time.

Remember, you've only got one shot at making a great first impression. And, you'll likely get just one shot at that final handshake.

Unless I give you a do-over.


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Kevin Eikenberry said...

Thanks for the mention Dennis. I hope if I shake your hand one day that I make a good first impression!

Kevin :)

Dennis Smith said...

Kevin - something makes me thing you've got the hand-shake thing down pat!

Thanks for the muse,