Wednesday, April 05, 2006

CTIA Day One ... free Latte's, 10 miles, and Mobile Content

Due to registration issues, I missed the keynotes this morning, but had a successful day nonetheless. I can assure you these shoes weren't made for walking, but that's what happened today - I don't think I hit the 10 mile mark, but you'd have a hard time convincing my feet otherwise. The free latte's kept me going, so that takes priority on tomorrow's list of to-dos': find more free latte's.

Most of my time today was spent talking to people who might know people who fit the bill for a newly created Director role which will have broad oversight for the strategy and development of, what content. Mobile content is any type of media formatted for mobile phones, like ringtones, graphics, games and movies. It's no surprise that many of today's CTIA announcements were focused on content, content, content. That's why I'll continue to walk the floor for the next two days in search of a seasoned, technical wireless leader who is ready to move in to a Director role and take on the big responsibility of driving the mobile content decisions for T-Mobile.

I'll be at Nokia's "Party Like a Rock Star" gig at the Hard Rock Cafe' tonight. If you want to talk "mobile content," I'll be pool side - please find me.

Want detailed CTIA news from day one? Click here for moconews, or check out the official CTIA Blog here.

Dennis Smith

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