Friday, March 24, 2006

Job Seekers ... Distinguish Yourself!

Rajesh Setty is an entrepreneur, Author, and Teacher (note the EAT acronym). And, in his own words, he is someone who "...EATS with a passion!"

Rajesh started a series of posting in Feb 2005 called "Ways to Distinguish Yourself" (his blog is called Life BEYOND CODE). I like his definition of what it means to "Distinguish Yourself:"

"Distinguishing yourself is your answer to rapid commoditization that is haunting almost all professionals in this global economy. Not distinguishing yourself is to subject yourself to the risk of eroding your market value almost on a daily basis."

His list is long, so for times-sake, I'm going to give you his first ten as I think they are especially apropos for the job-seeker:

#1 Care as if it's your own
Few people care as if its their own. This is a road less traveled

#2 Do your daily work with Passion!
Passion is a great catalyst to increase productivity

#3 Build strong relationships
Strong relationships provide a significant competitive advantage

#4 Dream BIG!
If its anyway a dream, why not dream BIG?

#5 Set the right expectations
The first step in trying to exceed the expectations is to set them right in the first place.

#6 Ask for help!
Everyone needs it. Why pretend that you don't?

#7 Celebrate small victories
You don't always need to win a lottery to celebrate!

#8 Set higher standards
Raise your standards higher than the general norm and watch miracles unfold!

#9 Know your values
Values provide the foundation for your decision-making. Get to know them well.

#10 Pursue right memberships
Its not what you know but who you know. Its just not who you know but how you know who you know.

Thanks Rajesh - great stuff.
Talent Acquisition Manager

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