Thursday, March 16, 2006


Mucho thanks to the only person in the world who wears a nametag 24-7 to make people friendlier.... Scott Ginsberg.

Today, our recruiting team had the pleasure of Scott's attendance at our National Talent Acquisition Conference Call. And, yes, it was terrific!

Scott believes that Approachability is characterized by seven areas:
  1. Building Social Capital: (our willingness to develop new relationships)
  2. What You Say: the dynamics of conversation
  3. What You Don't Say: non-verbal behaviors
  4. Keeping it Real: authentic personality
  5. Drop Me A Line: how easily you can be reached
  6. PHYSICAL Availability: openness of personal space
  7. PERSONAL Availability: openness of mind and heart

Does it work for Scott? Since making his commitment to approachability (which included a daily commitment to his name-tag), Scott says he's made over 25,000 connections with people that he would not have met otherwise. Yep, twentyfivethousand. I want access to that database.

If Scott didn't spend his time speaking to companies, organizations and students on how to maximize personal and professional approachability, I think he'd make a great recruiter. Actually, he might not know it, but I think he is a recruiter.

Thanks Scott, for challenging us to take our "Approachability" to another level.


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