Friday, March 31, 2006

The Bimbo Manager Simple Success Formula

Anybody out there leading people?

Here's a sure-fire way to guarantee that you will be enshrined in the Bimbo Manager Hall-of-Fame:

  1. Only hire low-achieving, mediocre people.
  2. Put the wrong people in the wrong job. Weed out the right people.
  3. Fail to tell the people what needs to be done.
  4. Fail to tell the people why it is needed.
  5. Instead of leaving the job up to the people you've chosen to do it, make sure you get in their way.
  6. Do not train the people.
  7. Do not listen to the people.
  8. Do not remove frustration and barriers that fetter the people.
  9. Do not inspect progress.
  10. Never say "thank you" publicly. Never say "thank you" privately.

Adapted (with much poetic license) from "The Great Boss Simple Success Formula," found in Jeffrey J. Fox's book, How to Become a Great Boss.

Dennis Smith

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